Important Message from Mr. Nichols

Windsor Families:

There are several families that have not yet completed the community eligibility forms.  Please know that accurate reporting of household income impacts student services.  When a school’s population is economically disadvantaged, extra supports in reading and/or math may be provided.  (Title I services are an example of a type or service that may be available.)  These supports are dependent on the percentage of economically disadvantaged students in each school.  As a school, we want to provide our students with all the supports they are eligible to receive.  To know what Windsor is eligible to receive, our income data must be current and accurate. In order to accomplish that, the district must be provided with family annual income for all people in your household.


If you have already submitted a form – Thank You!  If you are one of the families we do not have a record for, you will be given a blank survey at conferences that you can fill out and turn into the office as you leave the building.  All paper copies are given to the district offices for confidential data entry and storage.  If you would rather, we will have staff on-hand in our computer lab to help you log into the district’s website so you can fill out the application confidentially online.  If you wish to do it from your home, the link is:


If you have any questions, please contact the school’s office.  Thank you.


Mr. Nichols

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