1st Grade

Saudia Cowman

1st Grade Teacher

P: 515-242-8440 | E: saudia.khan-cowman@dmschools.org

Abby Gero

1st Grade Teacher

P: 5152428440 | E: abigail.gero@dmschools.org

Stacy Hoffman

1st Grade Teacher

P: 515-242-8440 | E: stacy.hoffman@dmschools.org


Stacy has lived in Des Moines, Iowa her whole life.  She went to Des Moines Public Schools and graduated from East High School in 1979.  She went to Upper Iowa University and received her Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education.  She has been teaching for 18 ½  years.  I love to come to school every day and teach children.  I love my job!!