3rd Grade

Diane Kair

2nd Grade Teacher

P: 515-242-8440 | E: diane.kair@dmschools.org

Kate Rodriguez

3rd Grade Teacher

P: 515-242-8440 | E: alissa.rodriguez@dmschools.org


Mrs. Rodriguez graduated from Iowa State University with a teaching degree. After college she joined the Peace Corps in Costa Rica.  In Costa Rica, Mrs. Rodriguez taught environmental education and English in public elementary schools. She has been a teacher in Des Moines since 1999 and at Windsor since 2007.  In Des Moines she has taught Spanish, 4th grade, and 5th grade.  Mrs. Rodriguez also earned her Master’s degree in Education from Viterbo University in 2010.

Alisa Roth

3rd Grade Teacher

P: 515-242-8440 | E: alisa.heemskerk@dmschools.org