• P.A.W.S. (Partners at Windsor Schools)


Who we are and what we do: You might be wondering what the P.A.W.S. group does or where fundraising profits go. Or maybe you haven’t heard of P.A.W.S yet, or you’re interested in volunteering.  P.A.W.S. (Partners at Windsor School) is a parent/caregiver organization that helps support the learning and development environment at Windsor Elementary School. We are a volunteer-based group committed to the kids, teachers and staff at Windsor.  Throughout the school year, we plan and host a variety of school and family activities.  In addition, we organize various fundraisers during the year. All profits help offset the cost of fieldtrips, classroom supplies and special events at the school.


Wondering how you can get involved? Bottom line is…WE NEED YOU!!

  • We need your ideas… on ways to support our kiddos and teachers
  • We need your time… we’re always in need of volunteers for events, activities, and fundraisers
  • We need your financial support… mostly through active participation in fundraising, but if you’re able and prefer, direct donations are accepted.


Please join us for monthly P.A.W.S. meetings, held the 2nd Tuesday of every month, where our goal is to provide better opportunities for parents to mingle, discuss topics about school programs, and ask questions parents/caregivers may have for teachers and Mr. Nichols. We meet in the school library and meetings generally last an hour. Hope to see you there


Thank you for your support and participation in P.A.W.S.

Board Members: Scott Finkin, Jenny Howard, Ka’Meka Lowery

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